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Multiplying Great Ideas Around the World

This year's report highlights the multiplying impact of great ideas around the world! Thank you for joining with us to equip and empower small-scale farming families to experience true Hope Against Hunger! Click on any feature to read more!

ECHO’s Global Reach

The benefits of providing relevant training to male and female farmers go far beyond the individual — to healthier children, more education, and greater investment in the community.

Training Across Borders

While COVID precautions affected all of our teams around the world, it was most felt by our Southeast Asia team. Adapting to these constraints, the passionate team completed research and demonstration projects at the Small Farm Resource Center and then published tailored training resources in multiple languages for network partners to share in their communities.

Innovating for Generations

In partnership with 24 secondary schools in Tanzania, ECHO has trained thousands of future farmers in sustainable, creative ways to improve their nutrition and family livelihoods.

Hope for a Harvest

Your generous support has allowed the ECHO West Africa team to continue training in Bible institutes and schools across the region — equipping future pastors and their families to model holistic development and transformation to their communities.

Equipping Worldchangers

Each year, eight exceptional young people join ECHO’s Internship Program to gain hands-on experience in tropical agriculture and missions.

Global Resourcing

Multiplying Impact is at the heart of ECHO’s mission. Inherent to ECHO’s model is the expectation that entrepreneurial farmers and partners resourced and trained by ECHO benefit their families and communities by multiplying the plants, agricultural practices, and appropriate technologies with which they are equipped.

Financial Review


Passing The Baton

"By God’s grace, my successor will inherit a global team that is strategically focused on serving and equipping small-scale farming families with knowledge and skills that can have a transformative and sustainable impact on their lives and communities."

The Road Ahead

"As a team we are committed to continuing the pursuit of ECHO’s mission with intentionality, passionately providing hope for the small-scale farmers that we serve. We remain rooted in the mission and vision that has led ECHO from the beginning."