More Yield with Fewer Inputs: Experiences from West Africa

Partnerships in West Africa are reaching farmers across Benin, Togo, Guinea, Mali, and Burkina Faso with techniques to lessen chemical inputs while increasing crop yields.

For the past eight months, ECHO West Africa has partnered with Alliance World Fellowship (AWF) and CAMA Services in training more than 500 people in eight different countries to support themselves by using Foundations for Farming. Thanks to you, hundreds in Africa have learned how to utilize sustainable farming practices, how to take better care of their environment, and about the relationship they can have with God.

Responding to Food and Fertilizer Shortages

Reuters reports that in mid-2022 nearly 346 million Africans were enduring extreme levels of food insecurity due to import challenges from the war in Ukraine coupled with rising food costs, long-term droughts, armed conflicts, and terrorist attacks, Farmers have been hit especially hard as grains and commercial fertilizers have become increasingly difficult to access.

Through Biblically based agricultural principles, participants learn how not only to generate profitable results for the current and coming years, but also to restore and conserve their land while spending less on inputs. The goal was to show each participant how God Himself was the first farmer and that by working in ways that honor Him, we may better steward and harvest that which He has already blessed us with.

“This field that you see is the result of your teaching,” shared Mr. Pare Desire. “I have been farming this field for several years, but it has never looked this good. The training I received in making compost and liquid fertilizer, as well as support with seeds, are the secrets of this improvement.”

 He continued: “I put into practice what I learned and you see the results. My work is done and I look forward to the harvest. Last year, I was able to obtain about 40 kg of grain from this field, but this year I expect to double the harvest.” Later, Mr. Pare reported that his harvest was 200 kg of corn from the 0.25-hectare field! This fourfold improvement came despite an extended drought experienced by the village.

Equipping Others

From April through July, hundreds in countries such as Guinea, Côte d’Ivoire, Liberia, Mali, Togo, Burkina Faso, and more learned the tangible skills needed for making their own compost, fertilizer, and biopesticides. Further lessons were taught on raising poultry, growing moringa, and more. Participants also had the opportunity to learn about the many different aspects of trade such as buying and selling, supply and demand, customers and competitors, as well as selling quality products.

 Throughout all of this, an emphasis was placed on doing things on time, with a high standard, without waste, and in step with the Spirit.

Seeing Seeds Sprout

Since the conclusion of these trainings, the three partner organizations have received many encouraging testimonies. At the end of each of the trainings, participants were tasked with sharing what they had learned with three others back home. ECHO has found that on average, nearly 10 additional people per participant have come to learn about these valuable techniques. Isaac, a participant in Guinea, said, “With the acquired training, we plan to improve our techniques to increase crop performance.” Jean, another participant in Guinea, said, “May God bless you richly for organizing this training. It is the best practical training I have ever attended.”

Help Us Continue the Work

Through your support, work has been done to not only restore the health and livelihoods of African farmers, but to also plant seeds and share holistic restoration in both their communities and environments. Join us to provide trainings in additional countries in throughout 2023.  


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More Yield with Fewer Inputs: Experiences from West Africa

Partnerships in West Africa are reaching farmers across Benin, Togo, Guinea, Mali, and Burkina Faso with techniques to lessen chemical inputs while increasing crop yields.