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ECHO News Magazine - Summer 2022


Inspiring seed banks in Myanmar

The knowledge, training, and resources provided at just one workshop through ECHO Asia and its partners in one Southeast Asian nation are helping to improve the success of farmers across the region.

From David Erickson, President/CEO

For the past 40 years, ECHO has been diligently planting knowledge. By the multiplying power of God’s grace, we are seeing harvests of 30, 60, and even 100 times what we have ‘planted’!

Lead Farmers: Inspire and Train Others

Daniel Ndeese is a farmer from Losikito village who started planting with a Maresha seeder this year. With this inexpensive tool, a farmer can plant his or her own field in less time and provide the service to neighbors for a small profit.

Equipping Farmers in North Africa

Over and over again, Kimberly Ducan emphasizes that the confidence that she gained during her internship at ECHO impacts how she approaches her work in North Africa.
Intern Spotlight

Abundant Learning Opportunities

After interning for a year, these sedulous Interns will leave ECHO with more expertise in their future field of work. Many will work in projects globally continuing to impact small-scale farming families.

In Their Own Words: Jackson Kaondo

“My name is Jackson Kaondo. I am a farmer and I have known of ECHO since 2018 through a visit to another farmer, Julius, in my village.

Faith In Action: From Sweden to Thailand

Through connecting with ECHO partners and staff, Hugo and Elsa gained a deeper understanding of how agriculture can improve a family’s livelihood

VITA resources revived on ECHOcommunity

At ECHO, we love to revive access to resources that might have value within the ECHOcommunity network.

From the Field: A stick and a few seeds

"I had handed out Moringa seeds and Chaya cuttings to anyone who wanted them. He proceeded to share how these few sticks and seeds had greatly impacted his life!"

Extraordinary Plants: Bananas

A flourish tropical paradise... An abundance of flavors... Minimal care and effort... If this is the thing you’ve been searching for, the banana is your answer.