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ECHO News Magazine - Summer 2020



From March to May, government restrictions amid COVID-19 required us to pause many of our scheduled trainings, but the reality is that the challenges faced by the communities we serve were not put on hold.

From David Erickson, President/CEO

As you browse through this abbreviated issue of ECHO News, there is one theme that will keep appearing – relationships. Relationships are central to who we are, what we do, how we do it, and the life-changing results we see.

Equipped for a Food Secure Future

Because of an ECHO training on conservation agriculture, Lembris has been connected to ECHO’s resources for four years and shares what he learns with a local farmer cooperative.

Gardens of Hope

Local partners are key to ongoing, lasting work in a community and we are proud to partner with Christian Life Fellowship as they meet physical needs and share the hope of the Gospel in Cape Coral, Florida.

Investing in Partners, Impacting Farmers

Getting out into the field and 'walking the farm' with a partner and friend is a highlight of my role at ECHO... there is something very humbling about the opportunity to glean wisdom discovered through years of sweat and tears.


Intern Spotlight

Intern Spotlight: Chris Jordan

I have since been blessed to learn the gift of community as an intern at ECHO. With its emphasis on broad exposure to agricultural practices, appropriate technologies, and underutilized crops/plants, I have learned just how much I still have left to learn!