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ECHO News Magazine - Winter 2022


Simple Solution, Life-Changing Result

The ECHO Asia team realized that one of the most effective ways they could serve those struggling with contaminated drinking water was to teach and multiply the knowledge of simple biosand water filters.

From David Erickson, President/CEO

Togetherness…partnership….mutuality. These were the words that went through my mind as I previewed this issue ofECHO News. Nearly every story reflects the reality that the work and witness of ECHO has a built-in mutuality— a mutuality that confers strength, hope, and impact.

ECHOcommunity Mobile App Now Available in 11 Languages

The ECHOcommunity Mobile App allows missionaries and development workers to download agricultural resources when the internet is available and then use and share those resources when in remote locations.

Integrated Pest Management

Stopping Food Losses Before They Start

Local Dedication to Global Impact

For 18 years, Bob Hargrave worked as the coordinator of agricultural consulting at ECHO Florida, working to answer the many questions that are submitted by farmers all around the world. Through the years, his advice and expertise have truly had a global impact. 

Joy in the Village

Goat “Passing on” Ceremony

Believing in the ECHO Effect

Kirk and Jan Gulledge believe in keeping their eyes open to the needs God shows them.
Intern Spotlight

Intern Spotlight: Seth Mayo

“My dream is to work with a ministry on a farm, while also taking part in a house church planting network that exists within a community”