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ECHO News Magazine - Summer 2021


Fueling Innovation Across Africa

“A technology that is never used has an efficiency of zero.” As we share knowledge resources and learn from those we serve, we are fueling innovation for small-scale farmers across Africa and aroundthe world.

From David Erickson, President/CEO

Welcome to a new issue of<i>ECHO News</i>! In a number of these stories, you’ll see words like “observe,” “test,” “trial,” “research,” and “study”. For us, these aren’t academic or passive activities. Rather, they are vital elements of our work and witness around the world.

Forty Years of ECHO Interns

Dr. Martin and Bonnie Price arrived at ECHO’s Fort Myers property on June 18, 1981. The internship program started later that same year with the arrival of Elise Hansen. This June, ECHO welcomed its 277th intern!
In Their Own Words

In Their Own Words: Joyce Charles

My name is Joyce Charles; I am a mother of two children from Arusha City. Through this training I will be able to produce these vegetables for my family’s use and also for sale to increase income from selling of produce since during the dry season it becomes difficult to find seasonal vegetables.

Growth in ECHO’s Internship Program

Eight new interns arrived at ECHO Florida as a cohort in June. Changes to the internship program add new learning opportunities including a graduate certificate.

Nutrition and the Garden

With support from ECHO, a rehabilitation center for children recovering from corrective orthopedic and plastic surgeries in Tanzania uses their flourishing garden to feed 200 people each day and teach household nutrition.

Local Research for Global Impact

Storing fresh produce is not a task most people put too much thought or energy into — using a container and tossing it into the refrigerator will suffice. But for one farmer in Burundi, his method of storing freshly harvested tomatoes was far from ordinary.
Intern Spotlight

Intern Spotlight: Lindy

“I want to remember that as an agriculturalist, I will always be a learner, especially when entering a different culture. This is one of the values I have gained from my time at ECHO.”