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ECHO News Magazine - Fall 2023


Equipping the Saints at Bible Schools

Students at Bible schools across West Africa are learning ECHO’s farming techniques to bring back valuable knowledge to their communities and churches.

From the President/CEO

As I write this, we have just concluded our 30th International Agriculture Conference, where 193 were gathered from around the world to connect: connect to new ideas, options, and strategies and connect to ECHO and each other.

Global Directors

ECHO’s Global Directors: L-R Erwin Kinsey, East Africa; Patrick Trail, Asia; Robert Sanou, West Africa; President/CEO Abram Bicksler, Ph.D.; and Grace Ju Miller, Ph.D., North America.

Giving Tuesday

The right seeds can make the difference between having a harvest or not. The right technique can provide an income even if a drought shrivels the main crop. The right knowledge inspires hope when the situation seems impossible! You can change lives through the global #givingtuesday campaign. With your gifts, ECHO will be able to train more families this year!

Dry Seeds, Abundant Growth

ECHO researchers are working towards an accessible two-ingredient desiccant that assists in the process of drying and storing seeds.

A Call to Missions

Grace Brinsfield will continue her work in missions and agriculture in Eastern Senegal after returning from her ECHO Internship and international field experience.

Innovative Green Charcoal Briquettes

At ECHO’s Appropriate Technology Symposium, Clement Mzinga and Rehema Onesmo of Women Development for Science and Technology Association (WODSTA) demonstrated the Portable Cement Stove, Wonder Basket Stove, and briquettes made and promoted by their organization to inspire others to make their own.

Board Retreat for Strategic Planning

The ECHO Board of Directors met over two days to focus on goals and objectives for ECHO’s next strategic plan.

Christmas Gift Catalog

Through the ECHO Gift Catalog, your gift, in honor of a loved one, will reduce hunger and improve lives worldwide and your recipient will have the heartwarming feeling of knowing that a gift was made in their name!