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ECHO News Magazine - Spring 2023


Explore Cultural Differences This Summer

Kickoff your family’s summer with these seven activities that will inspire your children or grandchildren to learn more about our world!

From Abram Bicksler, President / CEO

It is an exciting time at ECHO as we corporately praise God for His faithfulness over 42 years. Now we look to the future, roll-up our sleeves, and co-create to ensure that we remain relevant, useful, and effective in honoring God by empowering the undernourished with sustainable hunger solutions.

The ‘Dirt’ on Bioliquid Fertilizer

Dr. Tim Motis and his team at ECHO Florida have been testing bioliquid fertilizer recipes that were first identified in West Africa to better understand the timing and available nutrients over time.

A Transformative Experience

Past ECHO intern, Laura Havenga, sees her ECHO internship as ‘transformative’ as she serves rural farming families in Panama.
In Their Own Words

In Their Own Words: Bopoma Villages Staff

Recently, lead trainers spent three weeks at ECHO East Africa to experience, participate, and become multipliers of techniques and options with potential to make a difference in the regions they serve...

Gardening in a Temporary Place

Despite immense challenges to provide shelter, water, healthcare, and education among other essential services, communities have rallied to support each other.

Teams Welcome New Directors

As the needs globally rise, God continues to provide the leadership that will allow our teams to strategically train and equip partners around the world.

Resource Spotlight: Indigenous Microorganisms (IMO)

Inputs for farming are made by farmers from locally available materials. One important NF input, indigenous microorganisms, (abbreviated as IMO) is harvested from the soil and used as a soil amendment.

Potential New Appropriate Tech

Exploring the possibilities and challenges of innovations in appropriate technology among small-scale agriculturalists in West Africa.