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ECHO News Magazine - Fall 2022


Ministry Among Marginalized People

Three Job Booster trainings were hosted this summer in Burkina Faso, equipping 150 people under the age of 35. Trainees selected for these trainings focused on vulnerable populations, internally displaced people, and those with disabilities.

From Abram Bicksler, President / CEO

"As it mentions in Micah, I am humbled and honored to step into this role. My goal is to exemplify servant leadership to our staff, interns, volunteers, and our amazingly diverse network members around the world."
In Their Own Words

In Their Own Words: ECHO Asia Intern

You may know quite a bit about the ECHO Internship program in Florida, but our Impact Centers are often bustling with interns as well. It is an honor to host and train young people who are passionate about serving those around them in their churches, their universities, and their communities.

Hurricane Ian

Grateful and Humbled... Still a long road ahead

Keeping Seeds and Vegetables Cool

Including appropriate technologies at ECHO enhances the impact of our educational ministry. CoolBot, a device that can turn any air conditioned space into a walk in cooler, is a method of refrigeration on the list of sustainable resources and appropriate technologies implemented in ECHO’s global work.

Celebrating Outgoing CEO David Erickson

ECHO’s former CEO David Erickson remembers his time at ECHO, sharing his experience as he prepares to move into a new phase of life, passing the mantle of ECHO leadership to Dr. Abram Bicksler. Dr. Bicksler started as ECHO’s President/CEO in September.