Executive Summary

This document serves as a foundational guide to understanding who we are as an organization and how we aspire to serve the world around us to the glory of God.

Our Vision, Mission, and Motivation

A transformed world honoring God

The Benefits We Bring

These seven unique benefits differentiate us as ECHO, enabling us to meet critical needs worldwide.

Where Do We Work?

Regional contextualization allows us to serve and strengthen our partners with joy!

Impact Update: One Training Multiplies to Hundreds!

ECHO trainees come from all walks of life with a passion to help those around them WORKING IN PARTNERSHIP through agriculture.

Options & Solutions, Concieved & Shared

In partnership with the network and farmers

Five Global Goals

To Defeat Hunger & Improve Lives

Digging Deeper: Goal 1

Goal 1 focuses on increasing the breadth of the network

Digging Deeper: Goal 2

Goal 2 focuses on increasing the depth & success of the network

Digging Deeper: Goal 3

Beyond tools and training, we are providing resources people need to grow a brighter future.

Digging Deeper: Goal 4

Goal 4 will seek to support farmers beyond the farm so sustainable improvement of lives is achieved.

Digging Deeper: Goal 5

ECHO has a history of and is well-positioned to partner in Biblical holistic mission with the global Church

Join Us

ECHO is launching into new regions and developing new partnerships every day. The impact made on smallholder farmers and their families is tangible, real, and is only possible through collaborative support with our partners worldwide... YOU! Consider partnering with us for a greater impact around the world!